Coconut milk cocoa with protein

Skip the processed powdered versions of cocoa in the store that are full of processed sugars and additives. This version is super delicious, dairy free and packs a protein bonus from my favorite Perfect supplements hydrolyzed collagen powder.

While I love drinking bone broth, it can sometimes be hard to work enough bone broth into your diet. Perfect supplements hydrolyzed Collagen allows you to easily get the nutrients of collagen via an all natural, Brazilian pasture raised and grass-fed source.

*Here are some of the potential health benefits of collagen:

  • Improve Skin Health
  • Promote Younger, Firmer Skin
  • Support Joint Health
  • Improve Gut Function and Digestion
  • Keep Excess Inflammation in Check
  • Build and Restore Muscle
  • Support a Healthy Metabolism
  • Keep Appetite In Check
  • Promote Healthy Brain Function
  • Promote Deeper Sleep

I actually add Perfect supplements hydrolyzed collagen  to many of my drinks. It mixes easily hot or cold. If you are a coffee drinker, it would also be the perfect addition to your morning brew. If you buy your coffee or tea on the way to work just take a scoop in a container to add to it. Better yet just keep a container of it at your desk so you don’t risk the dreaded blood sugar crash. Blood sugar crashes usually end up with people reaching for sugary empty calories snacks. A bit of preparation goes a long way in staying healthy and alert.
Ok here is my super easy coconut milk cocoa recipe:

Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender until it feels warm, I use a vitamix blender.
If you would like it warmer put it  in a pot and gently warm.
Voila! There you have it, the best dairy free high protein cocoa ever! It blends so well and even makes a frothy cap! Yum! Don’t limit this to mornings either, I usually have a mid afternoon cup as well.

Also check out my super shake recipe that also uses Perfect supplements hydrolyzed collagen along with some other goodies.

If you would like to purchase the products I mentioned please purchase them through the links I provided. In doing so you will support my efforts to bring you more healthy ideas.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


Detoxing in a toxic world

These days you hear a lot about detoxing and for good reason! We live in a toxic world, eat toxic foods and breathe toxic air. It’s a sad reality but there is hope. We can lessen our toxic load by choosing organic foods, herbs and even indoor plants that help to clean the air.

We can also lessen our toxic load by choosing beauty products that don’t contain harmful chemicals. The average woman applies over 15 products each day. I reserve makeup for special occasions and my primary moisturizer is coconut oil. I also love a great lip balm. Did you know that your skin is your largest organ and it’s like a sponge absorbing many things!

The liver is a major organ for detoxifying the body, so it’s a good idea to take a supplement that helps support the liver. My favorite liver detox supplement is Perfect Liver Detox Support, it is an all natural, doctor formulated herbal formula that is designed to support and maintain healthy liver function. It contains superfoods  such as milk thistle, artichoke, schisandra berry, broccoli sprouts, turmeric, cilantro, and chlorella.

You could also try this four Core Natural Supplemented 21 Day Detox Program. No fasting and no juicing is in this cleanse!

While each of the supplements in this program are effective on their own, when you combine all four with the information in the 21 Day Detox Plan, you end up with a simple to follow program that will turbocharge your ability to feel your absolute best! While results vary from person to person, here are some potential benefits from the 21 Day Detox Kit

  • Improved Energy Levels*
  • Better Mental Clarity*
  • Improved Sleep*
  • Improved Elimination of Heavy Metals and Pollutants From The Body*
  • Helps Protect The Liver from Toxins*
  • Improved Digestion*
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
  • Boost the Immune System*
  • Promotes Healthy Skin*
  • Provides Powerful Antioxidants*
  • And much more…

Check out my super shake recipe for an anytime quick nutritious meal.

You are also gonna need to drink lots of pure water. You can find a variety of filters that take the toxic fluoride out of water. I personally only drink spring water.

Of course everything is cumulative so we must start with small steps every day to move closer to a less toxic body. I hope you found my tips useful. You can buy all of the products I suggested from the links I provided and by doing so you will help support my blog.



I am not a doctor so please consult your doctor before starting any type of health program.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Breastfeeding and nutrient depletion

I am not a doctor or any type of health practitioner but I am a mommy who has breastfed 4 babies and is currently still nursing my premature twins. I learned that it is important to get a blood work check up soon after having your babies to check for any deficiencies. Most of us are walking around with many unknown deficiencies. A simple blood work check up can detect most of them.

I had issues breastfeeding each of my babies in the early months. Each baby is unique and just because you have breastfed before doesn’t mean you won’t run into issues later.

Thank God for breastfeeding coaches which are lovely people who come to help you determine your booby traps of nursing. I was blessed to have the same breastfeeding coach for all four of my babies, I truly love her because she taught me how to feed my babies!

I will have to write a separate post all about the issues I had in the beginning, but for now let’s chat about nutrient depletion. I’d never heard of it but it happens to a lot of women especially to those of us that have had babies close in age and that breastfeed.

If you are always fatigued and have extreme “mommy brain” allow me to digitally tell you to your face that coffee is not what you need!

What you need is nutrient dense real foods. One of my favorite foods that always gives me a boost mentally and physically is grass-fed beef liver. I will share with you all my very simple pate recipe below. If you absolutely cannot stand the thought of eating liver you can take it in a pill form.

I ended up with an unexpected c section for my 2nd twin which also meant they gave me tons of antibiotics. It’s been said that antibiotics disturb the microbiome in your gut, because of that I drank a gallon of raw home-made yogurt every day for 10 months after I had the twins. It kept me feeling good and gave me quick rich calories for fueling my milk supply. I know this because I tried stopping eating the raw yogurt when my twins were four months and in the night my supply diminished! Yikes I was so scared, my lactation coach just told me to go back to whatever I was doing. The next day I got my raw dairy back and my supply came back instantly! If you are lactose intolerant or have no access to raw dairy I highly recommend this probiotic supplement.

Now let’s talk about that mommy brain, I’ve read that if you don’t intake enough omega 3’s that your babies will literally suck it from your brain during pregnancy and lactation! Another one of my favorite quick foods is wild sardines but since it’s not safe to eat seafood every day I also take this amazing fermented cod liver oil mixed with high vitamin butter oil, fermented cod liver oil is also high in natural vitamin D. Fermented cod liver oil has also helped clear up my twins eczema, it’s an amazing nurturing sacred food. It’s one supplement that I never like to run out of. I have also rubbed it on my twins skin with amazing results. Sure it smells but I don’t care I’ve actually grown fond of the smell because it reminds me of my twins and it works. If you can’t stand the thought of swallowing fish oil there is also a capsule combined with the high vitamin butter oil just for you.

I also take at least 3 tablespoons of chia seeds mixed with spring water, lemon juice and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. I drink them to stay hydrated and add some extra omega 3’s that my brain so badly needs. It’s very important to stay hydrated when nursing, especially when nursing twins.

I also had an issue with my thyroid when I was pregnant with the twins, thankfully I was able to fix my thyroid with diet changes and spirulina. I love spirulina, it is my favorite green drink since I avoid all cruciferous veggies ( more on that later).

Also check out my super nutrient dense gelatin super shake recipe here. I also make and drink lots of bone broths.

Ok I have to go nurse my twins ( forgive me for any typos) here is my pate recipe. I eat it with cucumber rounds or carrot sticks.
Pate recipe:

  • Half pound of grass-fed beef liver
  • 1/4 cup of extra virgin butter oil or ghee
  • 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup bone broth or water
  • Blend in high powered blender until smooth ( don’t add too much liquid it should be thick)

You can purchase all of the supplements I mentioned from the links I provided.



This is a picture of me nursing my twin boys.

Super shake recipe 

Most people don’t realize that the word breakfast is referring to breaking the long night from fasting food and drink while you are asleep. Most people quickly reach for a cup of coffee loaded with caffeine & sugar offering very little nourishment. If this is how one starts their day they can expect to be extremely hungry by noon and will most likely reach for high carbohydrate processed foods that continue to leave them without important nutrients.

 I currently have four kids ages 4,3 and a set of nursing 1 yr old twins. So time is not something I have a lot of but I am determined to give my body what it needs.
As a stay at home mom of four littles I don’t even have time to chew so I’m happy to be able to blend this shake up and chug it.

No matter who you are, I believe you can greatly benefit from drinking this shake. We all have to eat so it may as well be something that’s nourishing and loaded with antioxidants.
My favorite tasteless choice of protein powder is hydrolyzed collagen from grass-fed cows. Collagen is believed to prevent age related cartilage loss and to help keep skin, hair and nails healthy looking. The best part is all you need to add is just two tablespoons. It blends easily and can also be added to a cup of hot or cold beverage, I just love gelatin. I will be making a post soon about my yummy gelatin squares that I make from this non hydrolyzed gelatin, but more on that later.

If you prefer a vegan protein source you could try the Perfect plant protein which has the added benefits of probiotics and enzymes.

My blender is my best kitchen tool because it allows me to get in fast nutrients that I can drink in a pinch. I have an expensive juicer that’s gets no play because honestly ain’t no body got time for that! If you are a kale lover then you could also add a scoop of perfect fermented kale powder. It’s nutrient dense and no messy juicer required!

I could keep writing about each of these fabulous ingredients, but my twins just woke up from their nap so here is the recipe!

Super shake recipe
1 serving

Blend very well and enjoy!

I also use this super shake as my post workout meal. You can read about my pre workout meal here.
You can buy most of the ingredients by clicking on the highlighted links I provided from my #1 favorite company of which I’m also an affiliate of. I truly love this company which is why I’m sharing them with you!
Thanks for sharing a bit of life with me.


I pee in my kids portable potty.

 A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to Whole foods and I always have them pee in the portable potty with absorbent bag liners before we get out the car. As I was watching them I had the urge to also pee! So I decided to use it too. I have a Suburban so there is lots of space to do what u need to do with privacy. I used it and honestly I felt like a rock star, I felt like “heck yea I’m doing this! I’m getting it done! 

Now before you start saying how gross I am, let me explain. My kids are ages 4,3 and I have a set of 1yr old preemie twins that aren’t standing yet. This means that it would be impossible for all of us to fit into a bathroom stall.
I manage grocery shopping with them by wearing one twin in a structured carrier, the other twin in the grocery cart and the 3 & 4yr olds walk beside me, so yea us fitting into a bathroom stall in the middle of an “I gotta pee episode would be dreadful”. If you have small kids you know very well if you don’t get them relief soon that they will just do it in their pants! This potty saves me from a lot of that.
Another reason I pee in it is because holding your pee too long can lead to urinary tract infections, yikes, so yea I will keep peeing in the portable potty and maybe you should too.

Thanks for sharing a bit of my life with me.

Chia seeds for breakfast 

Most people don’t realize that the word breakfast is referring to breaking the long night from fasting food and drink while you are asleep. Most people quickly reach for a cup of coffee loaded with caffeine & sugar offering very little replenishment. In my own personal experience I have found that caffeine first thing in the morning only mutes your real body cues for hydration and nourishment, leaving you set up for a serious noon crash.

I currently have four kids ages 4,3 and a set of nursing 1 yr old twins. When I wake up I need quick sustaining and hydrating fuel to start my very busy day. One of my favorite foods to meet this need is chia seeds. Each seed is packed with fiber, protein, minerals, omega-3, and antioxidants. They also swell up when combined with liquid which keeps you fuller longer.

Chia seeds have no flavor so they can be easily incorporated into recipes. I combine 3 tablespoons of chia seeds with water and lemon juice into a large purple mason jar, shake it up and drink. That’s it! A Simple, fast and nutritious way to start the morning.
I typically wake up super early before the kids wake up to go workout and this is the easiest and quietest thing I can make. You can also add them to smoothies but I’m not about to crank up the vitamix at 5am so I save the smoothie for after my workout.
Give these tiny gems a try! Also I use the most fabulous tool to juice my lemons it’s called a reamer and it makes juicing lemons a snap!

You can purchase my favorite brand of chia seeds from my favorite supplements company by clicking on the links I provided.


The twins had their own birth plan.

The birthing of our twins was happening faster than I could think. I was only 32 weeks and I didn’t have a plan B. My carefully thought out natural twin birth plan was now useless.

Not only was this not what I expected but my doctor was also not gonna be delivering my twins.

I had only a few minutes to decide who I wanted in the delivery room with me because the doctor said only two people could come inside because it was gonna be tight quarters in there. There was a team in there for each baby.

I chose my hubby and best friend to be in there because they were by my side for the birth of our first two kids and I couldn’t imagine them not being in there.

I was wheeled into the operating room feeling confident that I was gonna be able to deliver both my babies vaginally.

As soon as I began pushing, the doctor requested pitocin and I popped my head up and said ” I don’t need pitocin, I can push my baby out”.

I did about five pushes and baby A was out, crying and breathing! It felt great, I did it! Immediately after baby A was out, it was quickly found that baby B had his feet hanging out of me. The doctor made a very painful attempt to turn him, but it was no way since his feet were out of my uterus.

Since my babies were preemies there were added risks to delivering the baby breech such as the concern of if the baby was breathing and the risk of the head getting stuck behind my cervix. The doctor looked at my husband and said “I’m sorry,”he did all he could to meet our wishes.

Prior to delivery my original doctor told me I could refuse anything I wanted, there was a form for me to sign for anything I didn’t want. They would discuss the risks with me and let me decide.

At this point I could have insisted that baby B be pulled out breech but seriously if it came down to me getting cut vs something harmful happening to my baby then I was definitely getting cut.

Baby B had chosen how he would come into the world and I was gonna have to be fine with that.

They quickly moved me over to the operating table and got baby B out. He came out crying and breathing as well! I never doubted that my babies wouldn’t be healthy.

I was aware enough to tell them not to put goo on my babies eyes, not to give them a vitamin k shot or hepatitis shot.

Unlike my first two non hospital births, the babies were not put on my chest but instead wheeled away to be checked for problems. My husband went with them and I felt great about that.

It was over, my babies were out and healthy. Then they quickly put a bunch of different drugs in my IV. They doped me up.

I’m naturally a very out spoken person and these drugs intensified that. I began asking the nurse attending to me very personal questions, I don’t remember everything I said but she kept asking me to close my eyes and go to sleep!

After an hour they wheeled me to my room and I began my recovery. I had a vaginal delivery and c section all at one time. My stay at the hospital was gonna be interesting but I was determined to make the best of it.